In the USA, they developed “smart” breathable surgical gowns with pockets and a “holster”

In the US, Cardinal Health, a manufacturer and supplier of medical devices, has begun selling smart, breathable surgical gowns with pockets and a “holster” for instruments. Such clothescan save surgeons time and reduce the risk of infection.

American pharmaceutical distributor and developer of solutions for medical organizations, Cardinal Health, has launched the first surgical gown in the United States with chest pockets for storing instruments in operating rooms. Special clothing designed together with doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota), writes Becker’s Hospital Review.

The unique design of the gown’s pockets helps minimize potential contamination and inadvertent dropping of instruments outside the sterile area, the company said. Using SmartGown™ EDGE, surgeons Can store reusable tools in pockets and holsters gown, reducing the need to transfer or change instruments during surgery, while promoting potential time savings and physician self-sufficiency.

Co-authors of the invention: Director of the Department of Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Surgery Joseph Dirani and retired cardiothoracic surgeon Salim Walji.

Sharp, hot, heavy or long instruments should not be stored in the pockets of the robe.

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