Murashko reported on the increase in the speed and quality of cancer diagnosis

In Russia, the speed and quality of cancer diagnosis have increased: about 60% of malignant neoplasms are detected at stages I-II, said Mikhail Murashko.

In 2023, about 60% of malignant neoplasms (MNT) were detected at stages I-II. This is the highest figure in four years since the launch of the federal project “Fighting Cancer,” the Minister of Health announced on November 8 at a meeting with the president Vladimir Putin with members of the government.

According to the head of the Ministry of Health, about 600 thousand new cases of cancer are detected in the country every year, and in total there are approximately 4 million cancer patients under dispensary observation. Mortality from malignant neoplasms decreased over four years by 5.6%, one-year mortality by 14%, and five-year survival by 7%.

According to Murashko, this was facilitated by the introduction of diagnostic standards, comprehensive measures to increase the availability of treatment, and an increase in the staffing of oncological institutions. According to the department’s estimates, the number of oncologists, including children’s, has increased by 13% since 2019.

According to data provided by the chief freelance oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the White Nights forum in the summer of 2023, the mortality rate from cancer of all types in 2022 was 188.8 cases per 100 thousand population (in 2020 – 199 cases). The one-year case fatality rate for nine months of 2023 was 18.8%. In 2022 – 19.1%, in 2021 – 20.3%. The proportion of patients with cancer who have been registered for five years or more (five-year survival rate) for nine months of 2023 was 58.7%. In 2022 – 58.2%, in 2021 – 57.4%. The chief specialist estimated the current need of medical organizations for oncologists at 1,778 people, for radiotherapists at 139 people.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health noted the aging of cancer in Russia. The age of onset of malignant neoplasms in patients and the age of survival of cancer patients has increased.

At the beginning of April, the Ministry of Health reportedthat the proportion of cancer diagnoses detected in 2022 and morphologically confirmed in the early stages (I-II) of the disease was 61.8%. At the same time, the department urged not to focus on Accounts Chamber dataaccording to which malignant neoplasms were detected in the early stages only in 43% of cancer patients, and rely solely on forms of statistical observation.

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