Patients with atrial fibrillation will be able to receive preferential treatment

Patients with atrial fibrillation will begin to receive preferential drug coverage. Previously, experts spoke about the economic consequences of such a disease.

The draft of the new edition of the state program “Health Development”, presented by the Ministry of Health, plans preferential medical care for patients with cardiovascular diseases, the document says. It is proposed to add to the conditions requiring state support patients with coronary heart disease who have atrial fibrillation, and a left ventricular ejection fraction value of ⩽40% should be recorded within the last 12 months using an ECG.

The changes will affect Appendix No. 8 of the state program, which determines the rules for the distribution of subsidies to regions for the purchase of medicines under the drug provision program for persons who have suffered acute cardiovascular events. If the project is adopted, the new rules will come into force in January 2024.

Earlier, experts from the Higher School of Economics assessed for the first time how atrial fibrillation affects the macroeconomics of Russia. According to their calculations, the damage from the disease could reach 1.5 trillion rubles by 2036, increasing by 1.7–1.8 times compared to 2019. Atrial fibrillation especially affects the rate of loss of working years in Russian men.

The new edition of the state program “Health Development” contains other innovations. Thus, those who received payments under the “zemstvo” programs will be allowed to change their place of work within the region, wrote “MV”.

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