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The Ministry of Health has prepared proposals for the interpretation of radiation studies using artificial intelligence at the expense of compulsory medical insurance. The state guarantee program is expected to include analysis of mammography studies in 2024.

The Ministry of Health will propose to include in the state guarantee program the possibility of using artificial intelligence (AI) as an alternative to a second medical opinion when performing mammography. The justification for the project has already been prepared, said the Deputy Minister of Health at the XXVII Russian Oncology Congress, TASS reports.

According to a representative of the department, funding for such research from compulsory health insurance funds could begin as early as 2024. Pugachev did not name the expected tariff size.

The compulsory medical insurance tariff for the analysis of radiation studies using neural networks was established for the first time in Moscow, MV reported. From January 1, 2023, the tariff agreement for payment of medical care provided under the territorial compulsory medical insurance program includes the service “Description and interpretation of mammography data using artificial intelligence.” One such study is estimated at 239 rubles.

Experts reported that none of the market participants were involved in discussing the size of the tariff; providers of image analysis services using neural networks did not and apparently do not understand how it was formed.

That Moscow’s experience is planned to be scaled to other regions, Pugachev reported in July. One of the two doctors who usually analyze mammographic images to avoid errors is proposed to be replaced with artificial intelligence, he specified.

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