A study of stethoscopes with artificial and… » Medvestnik has started in the UK

A study of a stethoscope with artificial intelligence technology called Eko, which is designed to improve the diagnosis of heart disease, is starting in the UK. It will involve 200 doctors who serve more than 3 million patients.

GP clinics in London and Wales will receive a stethoscope with artificial intelligence (AI) that helps doctors can detect murmurs indicative of structural heart disease in seconds. Experts will use the medical device as part of a study being conducted by Imperial College London (Imperial College London), reports Innovation Origins.

AI-enabled smart stethoscopes will be used in 100 primary care clinics to help doctors assess heart failure. The study will evaluate whether a commercially available tool could improve heart failure diagnosis and reduce costs for the National Health Service (NHS). Project funding amounts to 1.2 million pounds sterling (137.4 million rubles). Today, 4% of the NHS budget is spent on treating heart failure.

Eko stethoscopes will be randomly distributed among doctors. In parallel, patients in the control group will continue to be examined without the use of the AI ​​tool.

Widespread use of artificial intelligence tools in primary care could improve cardiovascular outcomes for millions of people in the UK, according to researchers.

Previously, this tool was introduced into cardiac screening by several American clinics, MV wrote. Studies have shown that without its help, doctors detect only 43% of noises, indicating structural heart disease, and with its help – up to 90%.

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