Most doctors have become less likely to deal with post-Covid syndrome

The results of a survey conducted in the United States showed that doctors are less likely to encounter post-Covid syndrome than a year ago. Scientists suggest that this may indicate a decrease in its prevalence. However, most doctors do not know what methods can be used to treat the condition.

The Medscape portal conducted a survey of doctors from various specialties about their experience of treating patients with post-Covid syndrome. The study results were published on the Medscape Cardiology portal.

The survey participants included 350 primary health care doctors and 101 “narrow” specialty doctors who in practice could encounter post-Covid syndrome: pulmonologists, neurologists and cardiologists. At the time of the survey, 432 physicians were engaged in regular clinical practice.

Almost half of doctors reported fewer patients with post-Covid syndrome compared to the previous year. This suggests that the prevalence of this condition is decreasing. Another 35% of doctors surveyed said that the frequency of the syndrome remained the same, and 17% reported an increase in the number of cases of post-Covid syndrome.

At the same time, doctors note a shortening of the duration of post-Covid syndrome. This is presumably due to vaccination and the development of cross-immunity.

Of all practitioners surveyed, only 6% reported that they regularly have success treating post-Covid syndrome. The majority (53%) said this happens from time to time, and another 40% said they have had little success in this area.

Only 33% of doctors reported that they are well informed about post-Covid syndrome, and only 10% of survey participants are aware of possible methods of treating it.

Scientists noted that the varied clinical picture of post-Covid syndrome sometimes masks this condition. However, such patients are characterized by fatigue, which can further aggravate the severity of other symptoms. Many doctors believe that proper rest can significantly improve a patient’s condition. At the same time, some skeptical doctors deny the existence of post-Covid syndrome, accusing people of malingering.

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