Most doctors are ready to become mentors for an increase of 40-60% » Medvestnik

Most doctors are ready to serve as mentors, but only 2% are willing to work for free, as follows from a survey of the Doctor’s Directory (described by Kommersant): it was “acceptable” wages that doctors most often cited as a condition under which they would agree to become mentors ( 72%).

The professional service “Doctor’s Directory” conducted a survey from October 14 to 25, in which 2,865 physicians took part, about how they felt about the initiative. A quarter of the sample (24%) are residents, that is, potential trainees.

Every third specialist (30%) would agree to supervise a young doctor for an increase of 40%, every sixth (16%) – 60%, every tenth (9.2%) – at least 80%. About 13% of respondents believe that the salary for mentoring should be doubled, and only a little more than 20% of respondents said that they would be satisfied with an increase of 20% (as MV wrote, this is exactly the amount of incentives for mentoring that are currently paid by individual regions).

A third of residents (31.3%) believe that an intern should receive the full salary of a doctor in the region, the same number are willing to work as interns for a salary of 80% of the average, and a quarter for a salary of 60%.

Despite the request for high incentives, the majority of medical specialists said that they do not want to be held responsible for the mistakes of trainees: 34.3% believe that the trainee himself should be responsible, 33.7% – the medical institution, 10% – the university where he studied. Among residents, the opinion that responsibility for mistakes lies with the trainee turned out to be even more popular – 43.6% of respondents think so; a third (33%) would place responsibility on the mentor. Among doctors, only every fifth specialist (21%) expressed this opinion.

According to an earlier MV survey, more than a third (39.4%) of the surveyed doctors reported their readiness to train and supervise the work of trainee doctors, since they consider it important to help young specialists. Another 39.4% said they were ready to support the initiative subject to financial incentives, that is, for a “good increase” in salary.

The federal law on the procedure for admitting residents to work in medical organizations as trainee doctors will come into force on April 1, 2024. Young specialists can be allowed to work under the conditions that they have completed the residency training program for at least one year and have successfully passed the initial and intermediate certifications. Doctor-mentors should supervise their work in medical organizations. MV discussed how this will affect the workload and salaries of doctors here.

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