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The average salary of a general practitioner in a private medical center is limited to 90 thousand rubles. in most of the largest cities in Russia. The “ceiling” fluctuates around 200 thousand rubles.

In most of the largest cities in Russia, the average salary of a general practitioner in private medical centers does not reach 100 thousand rubles, according to a SuperJob study. In Kazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, specialists are paid an average of 90 thousand rubles, in Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk and Chelyabinsk – 85 thousand rubles, and in Volgograd – only 75 thousand rubles.

Traditionally, salaries for doctors are offered higher than in other megacities in Yekaterinburg (on average 100 thousand rubles), St. Petersburg (110 thousand rubles) and Moscow (130 thousand rubles).

The maximum salary for a general practitioner in commercial clinics in the capital reaches 300 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 260 thousand rubles, in Yekaterinburg – 225 thousand rubles. In most other large cities, the maximum salary of a specialist is limited to 200 thousand rubles.

Such remuneration assumes that the candidate has at least five years of work experience, and among the possible wishes of employers are the following: additional certificates in other medical specialties (neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, etc.) and an academic degree.

A beginning specialist without experience (but with all the necessary certificates and diplomas) in commercial medical centers in the capital is offered a salary of 60-80 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 50-70 thousand rubles, and in most other cities – 40-55 thousand roubles.

Most often, middle-aged women (35 years old) apply for the position of general practitioner. Half of them were already unemployed at the time of posting their resumes.

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