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An alarming trend has emerged in the United States: once powerful startups are forced to close due to the worsening economic situation and declining funding. Olive AI, a company once valued at $4 billion that used artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of healthcare workers by automating repetitive, high-volume and manual tasks, has announced it will be shutting down.

American startup in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) Olive AI announced its closure. Its solutions have been implemented in more than 900 hospitals in more than 40 states, Healthcare Dive reports. Now the key areas of the holding’s activities will be developed by Waystar and Humata Health, and other projects will be curtailed.

Experts noted a number of factors that caused the end of the startup, and warned that the fate of Olive AI could await a number of other projects.

Economic recession. The global economy, like many industries, was in decline, including due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Growing up fastT. Olive AI experienced strong growth in 2020 and 2021. Rapid expansion has strained product and engineering resources, making it difficult to implement key initiatives. This is a common problem for fast-growing startups, where the focus on expansion can sometimes lead to inefficiency and difficulty running the company.

Lack of attention. CEO of Olive AI Sean Lane admitted that the company faced “mistakes” in strategy. Lack of focus on core business goals and objectives exacerbated the problems.

Changing industry situation. The medical technology industry is very dynamic, with legislation, customer expectations and market conditions changing frequently. Olive AI, like many organizations in the health technology sector, has had to adapt to these changing dynamics. Failure to do this effectively can put a startup at a disadvantage.

In light of these challenges, the company made the difficult choice to sell core business units and wind down the remainder of the business.

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