The growth potential of the domestic bone marrow donor bank is estimated at 100 thousand samples per year

The potential for expanding the Russian bone marrow donor registry is estimated at 100 thousand new participants per year. This dynamics will significantly speed up the search for potential donors for patients with oncohematological diseases.

The Russian register of bone marrow donors has expanded almost 2.5 times since its launch last year, and the bank now includes 260.4 thousand biospecimens. The annual potential for recruiting Russian donors exceeds 100 thousand people per year, said the head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia (FMBA) Veronica Skvortsova at the XV All-Russian Forum of the Blood Service on October 12, reports the MV correspondent.

“Over the past year, we have managed to significantly increase the dynamics of attracting potential donors to the register. This recruiting potential will allow us to quickly find a donor for Russian patients,” said the head of the FMBA.

Bone marrow transplantation is used for oncohematological diseases, disorders of the hematopoietic system and the immune system. If the patient does not have a related donor, then the search for a compatible donor – a person with the same HLA genotype (a digital indicator of genes responsible for tissue compatibility) is carried out in bone marrow donor registries. The costs of searching and activating a donor from foreign registries (they are larger than the Russian one) will cost an average of 23-30 thousand euros, counted “Give Life” Foundation. Finding and activating a donor from the Russian registry is much cheaper: about 300 thousand rubles.

The Unified Federal Register of Bone Marrow and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors was launched in Russia in September 2022. The operator of the project is FMBA. Laboratories submit information about potential donors to the registry, and transplant centers can search for a specific donor for their patients. The merged bank included data from existing state local registers, which is more than 112 thousand potential donors, MV wrote.

As of 2021, in Russia there were only 160 thousand potential bone marrow donors, while in Germany there are almost 10 million, and in the world there are more than 39 million.

Last year, the Circle of Good Foundation included bone marrow transplantation in its list of assistance to its clients. In particular, the fund will use donor materials from foreign registries, and will also undertake financial support for such assistance.

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