An artificial lung has been patented in the USA » Medvestnik

A new device developed by an Israeli startup and positioned as an artificial lung has been patented in the United States. The developers claim that their compact device can almost instantly increase the patient’s oxygen saturation to 95% or higher.

Israeli company Inspira Technologies has received a US patent for the INSPIRA ART500 system, an artificial lung that supplies oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide from it, thereby minimizing the need for artificial ventilation, reports NoCamels.

The startup developed the device to reduce the need for mechanical ventilation systems, which are associated with a 50% mortality rate among patients, can increase the risk of coma and even cause bacterial infections or other lung damage. INSPIRA ART500 is designed to rebalance oxygen saturation levels in minutes in awake and breathing patients.

The device can be used to treat patients both in intensive care units and beyond. In the context of an aging population and an increase in the incidence of COPD and related respiratory diseases, the demand for such technologies will grow, the developers note.

The company has also filed patent applications in Europe and several countries in other regions.

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