The head of the FMBA invited Vladimir Putin to visit the Center for Medical Radiology in Dimitrovgrad

It was assumed that the center in Dimitrovgrad would open in March of this year, but then the commissioning date was postponed several times. And on September 13, he reported to the president that his order had been fulfilled: “A unique center, the largest in the world, I emphasize: 105 thousand square meters. m, and all meters are unique. The center, and this is very important, includes all known nuclear medicine methods that are used.”

After watching the presentation presented by the head of the FMBA, the head of state asked: “What are these designations?” “The first number is active, the second is those under construction. We have three queues, because such a volume can never be delivered in one stage. I can say that this is no longer photoshop, but reality,” answered.

According to him, all construction and installation work at the site has been completed. Medical licenses were obtained for the first two stages. The third stage is where equipment is being installed.

“We selected patients to undergo treatment at the proton accelerator,” summarized. – The first eight patients begin treatment on September 20. In total, 140 lives will be saved this year.”

At the end of the meeting, the head of the FMBA invited the president to visit the new facility in September-October.

It is noteworthy that two weeks ago, a member of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection wrote that the deadline for accepting the first patient has been moved to October: “But something tells me that the center will not open until the new year. It is from 2020 that the necessary funding and volumes of high-tech medical care will be provided.” And Mikhail Men, speaking to members of the committee on September 11, argued that there were “a lot of problems” at the facility and that the Accounts Chamber was “now separately dealing with this issue.”

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