The State Duma wants to allow maternity capital to be spent on treating children in private clinics

The State Duma proposed allowing spending maternity capital on medical services and medicines prescribed by a doctor in any medical organization in Russia. The bill has been sent to the government.

State Duma deputies from the LDPR faction have submitted a bill to the government for approval, which proposes to allow the use of maternity capital funds for the treatment of children. It is proposed to make appropriate additions to the law “On additional measures of state support for families with children,” TASS reported.

According to the bill, it will be possible to receive paid medical services at the expense of maternity capital in any clinic in the country that has a license to carry out medical activities, as well as to pay for medications prescribed by a doctor, a list of which will be established by the government.

Now, according to current standards, maternity capital can be used to improve housing conditions, obtain a child’s education, form a funded pension for the mother, receive a monthly payment in connection with the birth of a child until he reaches three years of age, as well as to purchase goods and services intended for social adaptation and integration to the society of disabled children.

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