R-Pharm localizes the production of modern American linear accelerators in Dubna

RTT Factory LLC (part of the R-Pharm group of companies) and the American medical equipment manufacturer Varian signed an agreement on September 5, as part of the Eastern Economic Forum, to localize the production of Halcyon radiotherapy systems in the Russian Federation. The document involves the assembly of up to 200 linear accelerators of the new version.

Previously, RTT Factory carried out technology transfer and launched the production of Unique and Clinac medical linear accelerators for Russian hospitals at a plant in the Dubna SEZ. In the future, the company expects to receive up to 50% of the volume of orders within the framework of the national Healthcare project.

The Halcyon system simplifies and improves the effectiveness of virtually every aspect of intensity modulated radiation therapy. Advantages include increased patient comfort and faster installation without loss of quality. It can be used to treat most types of cancer, such as lung, prostate, breast, head and neck, and many others, says R-Pharm.

The agreement with Varian also covers the ARIA information system, used to collect data on the course of cancer, as well as the Eclipse system, which helps monitor the treatment process. According to preliminary estimates, the first of them will be ready for installation at the end of 2019.

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