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In Russia, the rules for awarding academic degrees and the work of dissertation councils have been updated. Scientific and educational organizations are allowed to create one-time dissertation councils in one specialty; regulations for the exchange of electronic data with the Ministry of Education and Science are stipulated.

The government has supplemented the Regulations on the awarding of academic degrees. Among other things, it included a description of the rules for creating one-time dissertation councils in one specialty in scientific organizations and universities.

Exchange of information with the Ministry of Education and Science is now possible through the federal information system for state scientific certification. Until April 15, 2024, dissertation councils must send electronic versions of certification files to the ministry (previously only paper ones), and after this date they will be considered only in electronic form.

Full-time postgraduate (adjunct) students during their studies or a year after its completion may submit a dissertation for the defense of the scientific degree of candidate and doctor of sciences in the form of a scientific report (a dissertation in the form of a scientific report is a brief summary of the results of the research conducted by the applicant and developments known to a wide range of specialists. – Ed.).

At a press conference in early October, the Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) under the Ministry of Education and Science, President of RUDN University Vladimir Filippov reported that the department is striving to increase the number of candidates and doctors of science and facilitate the conditions for defending dissertations. This does not mean a decrease in the quality of such studies, he explained.

It is planned to develop criteria for “novelty of scientific results in areas of knowledge.” The department’s plans include developing recommendations for defending dissertations classified “for official use”; attaching applicants to organizations in the real sector, such as large concerns and hospitals, and creating dissertation councils there; as well as the inclusion in the structure of dissertations of a mandatory section “Implementation of research results” with documentary evidence.

Previously, the Ministry of Education and Science issued an order expanding the range of specialties for which the academic degrees of candidate and doctor of sciences are awarded. For the first time, they will be available in military field surgery and military field therapy.

In recent years, there have been fewer scientists in Russian medical science who have received candidate and doctoral degrees. Compared to 2010, the number of diplomas issued to applicants for academic degrees has almost halved. The total number of health-related researchers fell over the decade from 16,516 to 13,923.

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