The government has outlined plans to produce therapeutic food for cancer patients

Russian authorities are trying to resolve the issue of accessibility of specialized medical nutrition for patients. Large import-substituting production facilities are planned for commissioning in 2024-2026.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health have prepared a plan for the production of medical nutrition and its components, the Deputy Prime Minister announced on November 8 at a meeting with the president. This sector is included in the import substitution program in 2022, along with the production of medicines and medical products.

The problem with the availability of specialized nutrition for patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy was raised by the head of the executive committee of the Popular Front Mikhail Kuznetsov. He noted that while cancer patients are provided with everything they need during inpatient treatment, those treated on an outpatient basis do not have such a guarantee. “There is an acute shortage of Russian specialized nutrition, and due to the high cost of foreign nutrition, patients are forced to buy analogues: they buy mixtures for athletes, which in terms of medicinal qualities do not correspond to special medical ones,” Kuznetsov explained.

Manufacturers of specialized medical foods receive state support from two sources – through the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture, Golikova said. Thus, JSC Biotech Rosva was allocated 400 million rubles. for the production project of 11 of 17 amino acids. By the end of 2025, the company plans to produce 120 thousand tons of products annually.

The project for the production of a wide range of amino acids is also being implemented by PromBiT JSC in partnership with GloboKiT JSC. It is expected that the enterprise will produce up to 100 thousand tons of products by 2026. The volume of investment in the project is estimated at 2 billion rubles.

The same amount was invested in the construction of the production of protein hydrolysates by Infaprim CJSC. The project implementation period is 2024. State support is provided through the Ministry of Agriculture, Golikova said.

She did not provide data on the required volumes of import substitution of specialized medical nutrition.

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