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Vaccination against coronavirus infection provides only partial protection against the development of post-Covid syndrome in case of illness. However, the variety of manifestations and their severity were similar among patients who were fully immunized and who were not vaccinated.

Vaccination against coronavirus infection reduces the risk of post-Covid syndrome after suffering from COVID-19 by only 15%, a study by scientists from the Clinical Center for Epidemiology of the St. Louis Veterans Affairs Health Care System showed. The results of the largest study were published in the journal Nature.

The analysis found that among fully vaccinated patients who had COVID-19, the risk of death over the next 6 months was markedly lower than among unvaccinated patients (hazard ratio (HR) was 0.66). The likelihood of developing post-Covid syndrome also turned out to be lower, but only by 15% (OR = 0.85).

In addition, the scientists found that the variety and severity of symptoms of post-Covid syndrome, including brain fog and fatigue, did not depend on vaccination status.

Scientists analyzed the medical data of a total of 13 million people from the US Department of Veterans Affairs database, including 34 thousand fully vaccinated patients and 113 thousand unvaccinated participants who had COVID-19.

The risk of death within six months was significantly higher among previously vaccinated patients who had the disease compared to those who were not infected with coronavirus (RR = 1.75). In addition, vaccinated patients who had COVID-19 had an increased likelihood of respiratory symptoms (RR = 2.48), cardiovascular disease (RR = 1.74), coagulation disorders (RR = 2.43), neurological manifestations (RR = 1.69) and fatigue (RR = 2.0).

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