Cases of hypertension after vaccination against COVID-19 reported in Europe » Medvestnik

A small percentage of people vaccinated against COVID-19 developed hypertension, researchers in Switzerland reported. This reaction appeared several minutes after the injection of mRNA vaccines.

Researchers from Lausanne University Hospital (Switzerland) published a series of cases of hypertension in response to vaccination against coronavirus infection in the journal Hypertension.

As follows from the scientists’ letter, vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna were used for immunization in Lausanne. By the beginning of February, more than 13 thousand doses of these drugs had been administered to the population.

Nine patients had documented grade III hypertension that developed within minutes of injection. Eight of them had symptoms of hypertension. Doctors were unable to record blood pressure readings before vaccination, but afterward the highest value among nine patients was 220/102 mm Hg. Art.

All but one patient received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. It is noted that the Moderna vaccine began to be used only at the end of January.

The mean age of patients in this case series was 73 years. Eight of the nine subjects had a history of hypertension and the majority were taking antihypertensive medications.

Based on these data, the authors suggest that some patients with hypertension may respond to vaccination with significant increases in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Possible causes include a reaction to stress or pain after the injection. However, the patients had a relatively low pulse.

Thus, older patients with a history of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases may need blood pressure monitoring before vaccination and monitoring after the procedure, the publication indicates.

The authors of the letter additionally drew attention to the fact that clinical trials of vaccines included mainly younger volunteers. At the same time, in actual practice, it was the elderly who were among the first to be vaccinated.

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