Roszdravnadzor closed a drug treatment clinic in Moscow for gross violations

Investigators have sealed a drug treatment clinic in Moscow, where five patients died in a year. A large number of drugs from an unknown manufacturer, prohibited in Russia, were seized.

The territorial body of Roszdravnadzor for Moscow and the Moscow region closed the clinic of Harmony Medical LLC, part of the Salvation group of companies, where five people died over the past year. The medical institution is closed and sealed by employees of the Investigative Committee, a criminal case is being investigated on suspicion of the founders and employees of illegal use of the inert gas xenon, the press service of the supervisory authority reported.

During control activities, inspectors identified numerous deviations from mandatory licensing requirements, as well as violations in the provision of medical services. In particular, a large number of drugs from an unknown manufacturer, prohibited in Russia, which were used in the treatment of patients, were seized from the clinic.

At the time of the inspection, there were patients in the medical institution in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication and only one doctor, who could not provide any explanations on the condition of the patients, the course of their treatment and the prescription of medications, the report notes. 36 patients were evacuated from the clinic, six of whom were in critical condition.

According to SPARK, Harmony Medical LLC was registered in November 2022. The clinic is 100% owned Oleg Andryushin.

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