In the case of the acquisition of an unsuitable building for a hospital on Sakhalin, the second charge was approved

The Sakhalin prosecutor’s office approved the final charges against the former chief physician of the district hospital. She chose an unsuitable building to house the children’s clinic, which was then dismantled.

The former head physician of the Kholm Central Regional Hospital (CRH) on Sakhalin was accused of exceeding his official powers and causing damage to the budget of 61 million rubles. The prosecutor’s office approved the indictment, the press service of the supervisory agency reported on November 10.

The name of the accused has not been released. According to SPARK, from November 2012 to August 20, 2023, she headed the Kholm Central District Hospital Svetlana Mishchenko.

According to investigators, in 2017 she purchased a building to house a children’s clinic, knowing that it did not meet the requirements for a medical organization. To conclude a government contract, the head physician sent a package of documents to the government of the Sakhalin region, which substantiated the possibility of reconstruction and further operation of the facility. But in the endThe building was declared unsafe and demolished.

The ex-chief physician faces a penalty of imprisonment for up to 10 years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years.

The ex-Minister of Health of Sakhalin is accused in the same case Alexey Pak. The investigation believes that the official ensured the acquisition of the former Chaika Hotel in the city of Kholmsk to house a children’s clinic, although he also knew that the building was unsuitable for this.

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