Geriatricians have been given time standards for seeing a patient » Medvestnik

The Ministry of Health has established time standards for geriatricians to receive patients. The specialist is given 45 minutes for this, and with a prophylactic appointment, the time is immediately reduced by 65%.

The Ministry of Health has developed time standards for a patient to visit a geriatrician; the draft order is published on the portal.

According to the document, a specialist is given 45 minutes to see one patient, while if a person comes to a specialist for preventive purposes, the time is set at 65% (that is, about 30 minutes).

The time spent by a geriatrician on preparing medical documentation should be no more than 35% of the established standard (that is, 15 and 10 minutes, respectively).

The explanatory note states that the standards were developed based on the results of photographic studies of the activities of geriatricians conducted by the Central Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Health Care (TsNIIOIZ) of the Ministry of Health in 9 regions – they recorded the average time spent by a specialist on performing all work.

Previously, the Ministry of Health determined the time standards for a patient to be seen by a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. A limit of 24 minutes is set for a psychiatrist, 26 minutes for a narcologist, and 42 minutes for a psychotherapist.

Geriatricians and gerontologists became the most scarce medical specialties in Russia in January – February 2023: according to a study by the Headhunter service, there are only 0.1 resumes per such vacancy, MV reported.

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