The development of outpatient cancer care centers will provide accurate statistics on patients

“We were worried about the statistics, that we were giving the wrong numbers, which is natural in such a large country,” he admitted.

The chief oncologist noted at the same time that problems with statistics are typical for oncology services in almost all countries of the world: “I talked with American colleagues, they do not include residents of Texas or Aleuts in statistics. They say: “Why should we consider Texas when only Mexicans live there, who will we bring to the doctor there?” Texas is a huge state and has a huge impact on overall statistics. There are many problems even in countries where every cancer can be seen by sight, for example, in Scandinavian countries with small populations.”

said that the development of the CAOP will make it possible to bring treatment closer to patients: “In each district there will be several such centers serving 50 thousand people. There will definitely be an oncologist there, equipment for shared use, not only for oncologists: CT scanner, mammograph, ultrasound. The oncologist will clearly know how many patients he has in this bush who need oncological care.”

Also, national medical centers will build an information infrastructure that will allow online consultation with colleagues in the regions. “Such a system is being built. This is an order from the minister; there is also a powerful coordination center under the Ministry of Health, which also monitors this movement. There are logistics up to round-the-clock consultations, because the time is different in the regions. They demand from us both the number of consultations and how we handled them,” the specialist said.

A program for interaction between the National Medical Research Center and outpatient cancer care centers is being developed. “We really count on an information system that will permeate everything. We will receive information in a timely manner in order to promptly prompt our colleagues on the ground on how to act,” stated.

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