The Ministry of Health has not spent almost 100 billion rubles under the national project “Healthcare”

The execution of expenses under the national project “Healthcare” as of November 1, 2023 is only 72%, as follows from the Ministry of Finance data – out of 316 billion rubles budgeted for the year, only 228 billion rubles have been spent so far. This is one of the lowest indicators, although by the end of the year the dynamics of budget implementation for healthcare accelerated sharply (in September and October, the level of implementation of expenditures under the national project was at the level of 57%).

For comparison: according to the national project “Demography”, the level of disbursement of funds is already 91%, “Housing and Urban Environment” – 82%, “Science and Universities” – 85%, “Culture” – 87%. Less money is spent than in the healthcare sector only under the national projects “Tourism and Hospitality Industry” (58%), “Small and Medium Enterprises” (64%) and “Digital Economy” (64%).

For some federal projects within the “Healthcare” national project, the level of disbursement of funds is even lower. Thus, for measures to develop children’s healthcare, the level of expenditure execution is still 39% – out of almost 20 billion rubles. 7.7 billion rubles were disbursed. Almost 12 billion rubles were allocated for activities to develop the unified state information system (USISZ), but by November about 7 billion rubles had also been spent. (61%).

UPD. Following publication, Assistant Secretary of Health Alexey Kuznetsov reported to “MV” that as of November 9, the level of budget implementation for the national project “Healthcare” is 82.4%. According to him, the funds provided for the current year “will be spent almost in full by the end of December. The remaining funds will be carried over to next year.”

The press service of the Ministry of Health did not specify exactly how many funds are planned to be transferred and for what specific reasons.

The highest level of expenditure execution was shown by the federal projects “Development of export of medical services” (100%, 26 billion rubles), as well as “Providing medical organizations of the healthcare system with qualified personnel” (96%, 1.1 billion rubles).

At a meeting with the regions on November 10, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova stated that the national project “Healthcare” “is being implemented at an accelerated pace in a number of regions.” According to her, governors “need to keep personal control over the implementation of all indicators of the national project within the established time frame, <...> paying special attention to the medical examination of the country’s population.”

In the summer, the Accounts Chamber announced poor-quality budget planning in the healthcare sector: forecast indicators were either excessively exceeded or underfulfilled. The bulk of violations of budget execution occurred at the Ministry of Health and the Federal Medical and Biological Agency.

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