In the Vladimir region, EMS paramedics are forced to work unofficially due to reorganization

A team of 20 employees of the emergency medical department (EMS) of the Selivanovskaya central district hospital (CRH) in the Vladimir region has been forced to work without official registration since October 31 due to the reorganization of the medical institution. The regional authorities intend to connect it to the Murom NSR station. But after the dismissal, the workers still have not been registered in a new place, the co-chairman of the Interregional Trade Union of Healthcare Workers “Action” told MV. .

Since the emergency department of the Selivanovskaya Central District Hospital was liquidated on November 1, 2023, the management of the medical institution revoked their access to narcotic drugs and potent anticonvulsants, reported the local resource Zebra.TV. As a result, ambulances are no longer allowed to respond to calls for patients with myocardial infarction. Due to the dismissal of drivers after the reorganization, only one brigade now serves the entire area.

“Formally, the status of people leaving to provide emergency assistance is now completely unclear,” Konoval said. According to him, the main questions in this situation should be addressed to the Vladimir Ministry of Health. “Because of the resonance, officials and employers promised to look into it. But so far there is no progress. We hope that there will be no development of an acute conflict,” he emphasized.

According to the Labor Code, there are two options for transferring an employee during the reorganization of an institution. One of them is a letter of guarantee from the new employer to the previous one. The second option is an agreement that is signed between the old and new employer and employee.

As the paramedic explained to MV Svetlana Murasova, plans to join the department to the Murom SMP station were announced to the team back in the spring. The main goal was to increase employee salaries. At the same time, the latest draft of the employment contract, which was offered to the team, did not take into account allowances for work in rural areas.

“The Ministry of Health promised that we will work as before, only the legal entity will change. Since we work in rural areas, we are entitled to a 25% bonus from the base salary. It is not included in the new employment contracts. The difference is 3.5-4 thousand rubles. At the same time, all other allowances are calculated from this salary,” Murasova explained.

The date of registration of employment contracts for employees at the Murom SSMP is also not announced. According to the paramedic, all the workers are thinking: on November 25, according to the collective agreement, an advance payment is expected, it is not clear how it will be calculated?

In addition, all employees were asked to sign a provision on financial responsibility as an addition to the employment contract. “This annex to the agreement came as a shock to us. Naturally, no one signed it. That is, if my patient accidentally breaks a thermometer or breaks a pulse oximeter, I will have to go to the pharmacy and buy a new one at my own expense. I consulted with lawyers, they told me not to sign such a document under any circumstances,” said Murasova.

“MV” sent a request to the Ministry of Health of the Vladimir Region with a request to clarify the deadline for formalizing employment contracts with the staff of the SMP branch of the Selivanovsky district, the planned indicators of increasing wages per rate, as well as the goals and content of the annex to the employment contract on the financial responsibility of employees.

In early February, the prosecutor’s office protested the cancellation of incentive payments to employees of the Vladimir SSMP. The administration of the medical institution decided to pay off accounts payable in the amount of 11 million rubles at their expense, MV wrote. It was explained to the team that the organization’s debt arose due to large overtime work—average salaries were so high that the indicators of the May presidential decrees “turned out to be greatly exceeded.”

this week appointed new Minister of Health of the Vladimir Region Valery Yanin, reported “MV”. Previously held this post Artem Osipov will remain in the Ministry of Health as a deputy.

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