The Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region included in the KPI of chief physicians an assessment in Yandex reviews

Head doctors of hospitals in the Urals will have to strive to improve reviews of their clinic in Yandex services. This is what the Ministry of Health officials decided.

The Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health has changed the methodology for assessing the work of chief doctors of medical institutions in the region. According to the order of the department “On assessing key performance indicators of the performance of heads of public health institutions of the Sverdlovsk region” (1483-p dated June 29, 2023), if a clinic or hospital scores less than 3.5 points on the Yandex.Reviews service, then its head did not achieve the indicator efficiency, writes “New Day”.

In addition, reviews of clinics are taken into account in the Yandex.Maps service, where users can leave opinions about a particular place, including entertainment venues. In this regard, quite strange opinions are often found in the accounts of medical institutions, and the rating of the entire hospital depends on them.

As explained by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region Andrey Shastin, institutions and authorities are assessed, among other things, by public opinion indicators, which take into account any publications in the media and reviews in the Yandex. Maps”, in connection with which the assessment of institutions by service users is monitored.

On the page of reviews about the activities of the Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region there are also negative ones that are not directly related to the work of the department. Whether they will be taken into account when assessing the performance of officials is not specified.

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