Clinical recommendations for the rehabilitation of cancer patients will be prepared

Oncologists and rehabilitation specialists will prepare clinical recommendations for the rehabilitation of cancer patients. This was announced by the chief freelance oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, General Director of the National Medical Research Center of Radiology Andrei Kaprin on September 17 during a “live broadcast” dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The specialist admitted that rehabilitation of these patients “is still a problem, because for many years we previously believed that they did not need it.”

The national program to combat cancer stipulates a large volume of rehabilitation, he said, noting that this area is as multifaceted as oncology itself. “Because rehabilitation after radiation therapy is one thing, and after chemotherapy is another. After surgery, of course, you can turn on surgical programs. But if we talk about rehabilitation after combined complex treatment, then it is necessary for rehabilitation specialists, chemotherapists, and radiation therapists to participate so that they develop a complex program. Treatment courses are different everywhere and tumors respond differently to radiation therapy. Therefore, this is a huge direction,” he assessed the volume of work ahead.

According to the chief oncologist, special rehabilitation departments are already being created in Russia, but much remains to be done, including recalculating rehabilitation tariffs “so that they are interesting for the centers.”

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