NMITs im. N.N. Blokhina considers it advisable to have a separate price list for medical tourists

From October 1, a portal for promoting Russian clinics abroad, russiamedtravel.ru, should be launched. It was created as part of a program of communication activities to increase the level of awareness of foreign citizens about medical services provided in the Russian Federation, which is designed for five years. However, it is not only the lack of data on the Russian healthcare system, the complex visa regime and the language barrier that are limiting factors for the export of domestic medical services. During the panel held on September 17 as part of the Biotechmed-2019 forum, National Medical Research Center of Oncology named after. N.N. Blokhina shared his case.

“We attracted an agency that was involved, among other things, in attracting foreign citizens to the clinic, and after some time the prosecutor’s office came to us and indicated that the cost of services exceeded the price list accepted in other medical institutions,” said the deputy director for scientific work. National Medical Research Center of Oncology named after. N.N. Blokhina . – What does it mean? Current legislation does not allow us to diversify the services provided to Russian and foreign citizens. As for the Russians, it is clear that profitability cannot exceed 20%. Well, what about tourists? In order to ensure their flow, you need to advertise yourself by spending certain funds. In the end, we have to provide transfers from the airport to the hospital for these patients, providing escort services in a good sense. Naturally, all this requires additional costs and we would like to have a separate price list for foreigners. However, now they want to punish us for this, we are trying to defend our rights. It’s not known how it will all end.”

Fulfilling the order of the Ministry of Health on the development of medical tourism, the National Medical Research Center of Oncology translated its website into English. Subsequently, it turned out that it would be more expedient to make a “mirror” in the Azerbaijani and Uzbek languages, because among medical tourists there are mainly citizens who speak them.

Next year the number of medical tourists in our country should reach 696 thousand people. In the first half of 2019, according to official data, 530 thousand foreign citizens were treated.

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