The National Medical Research Center for Coloproctology has created an AI technology to detect colon cancer… » Medvestnik

Russian scientists have created the artificial intelligence system ArtInCol, which allows identifying invisible neoplasms of the colon. This is expected to reduce the incidence and mortality from colorectal cancer.

National Medical Research Center of Coloproctology named after. A.N. Ryzhikh has developed technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) to detect colorectal cancer, the press service of the Ministry of Health said. Directly during an endoscopic examination of the colon (colonoscopy), the ArtInCol system, using machine vision, detects even the most inconspicuous neoplasms, which allows the doctor to pay attention to them, conduct additional diagnostics, and, if possible, immediately remove them through a colonoscope. This will facilitate the work of endoscopists and, ultimately, reduce the morbidity and mortality from colorectal cancer, explained the director of the National Medical Research Center Sergey Achkasov.

The AI ​​software is domestic, developed jointly with the Russian company Alnisoft. It can be built into any endoscopy stand.

In Russia, colorectal cancer is in fifth place in terms of incidence for both sexes, and also ranks second in the structure of mortality in men and women. According to WHO, colorectal cancer accounts for about 10% of cancers in the world—more than 1 million cases of cancer are registered annually.

Increasingly, software is being developed with the ability of neural networks to recognize various diseases during instrumental diagnostics. In Moscow, AI algorithms can recognize pathologies in 28 clinical areas. Most often, systems work with X-ray images.

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