Almost half of Russians named stress as the main cause of stroke » Medvestnik

Less than half of Russians have the necessary information about stroke. Many consider stress to be the main cause of acute vascular accidents.

82% of Russians aged 25–45 years are confident that it is possible to reduce the risk of stroke in most or even all cases. Among the entire population, this value remained 66%. This data was provided by the director for work with government bodies of VTsIOM Kirill Rodin at a press conference dedicated to World Stroke Day, October 29.

Almost half of respondents (45%) in the 25-45 age group said they were aware of the risk of acute vascular accidents. To prevent stroke, Russians most often resort to measuring blood pressure (56%), visiting a cardiologist or getting an ECG (47%), eating right (42%), having their blood tested for sugar and exercising regularly (42% each), undergoing medical examinations (10%).

Among the most common myths about stroke among Russians, sociologists have highlighted the belief that it only leads to severe consequences – death or coma and primarily affects the heart. 43% of respondents named stress as the main cause of stroke.

Less than half of Russians included in potential risk groups have the necessary information about stroke, its characteristics and consequences, VTsIOM researchers conclude.

According to the Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Salagai, mortality from acute cerebrovascular accidents in Russia has decreased by 36.8% since 2012 thanks to a “large-scale vascular program” and the re-equipment of specialized medical organizations. According to him, in 2019, almost 300 public clinics were equipped with modern equipment.

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