At the Almazov Center, during a master class, unique minimally invasive operations on the aorta were performed for the first time

At the National Medical Research Center named after. V.A. Almazov, two patients with aneurysms of the arch and abdominal aorta underwent operations for the first time using the endovascular technique of implantation of fenestrated stent grafts.

The master class was held at the Research Institute of Vascular and Interventional Surgery under the guidance of the head Mikhail Chernyavsky and a visiting expert in the treatment of this complex pathology, the chief cardiovascular surgeon of China, head of the department of vascular surgery of the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases (Beijing), Dr. Chang Shu.

The peculiarity of the operations was a unique technique for creating fenestrations (holes in the stent graft) directly on the operating table, followed by “packaging” the stent graft back into the delivery system. Under X-ray guidance, the devices were precisely implanted into patients’ affected areas of the aorta, so that all its branches remained patent. Both surgical interventions were performed without traumatic access and without a heart-lung machine.

More than 30 cardiovascular and endovascular surgeons from leading medical centers in our country were able to observe the progress of the operation directly in the hybrid operating room. A live broadcast from the operating room to the lecture hall was also organized. Specialists who were unable to attend the event in person followed the process in real time on the Internet and asked questions in a specially organized chat.

The implementation of the described technique will make it possible to minimize intraoperative risks, the incidence of complications and the time of rehabilitation of patients with arch aneurysms and dissections of the thoracoabdominal aorta.

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