clinical examination in one day is real » Medvestnik

Citizens will have the opportunity to undergo medical examination in one day – the Russian Ministry of Health is making efforts to make this possible. This was stated by the chief freelance therapist of the department, director of the National Medical Research Center for Preventive Medicine Oksana Drapkina on September 19 during a “live broadcast”.

Despite the fact that such a norm is fixed in the procedure for conducting medical examinations, it is not always and not everywhere observed, as evidenced by citizens’ appeals received during the “live broadcast”: people complain that there are no doctors or they are too overloaded, there is no opportunity to get tested . For example, Olga from Yekaterinburg said that she had not been able to undergo medical examination at city clinic No. 6 for more than a month, and attached documents confirming this.

“This is absolutely abnormal!” – Olga Drapkina assessed the situation. At the same time, she expressed confidence that it is possible to undergo the first stage medical examination in one day: “You need to fill out a questionnaire, do a blood test for cholesterol and glucose, an ECG (from 35 years old), check intraocular pressure (from 40 years old), determine what risk CVD refers to one or another patient. And then undergo certain oncological screenings: do a stool test using the immunochemical method, take a smear from the cervix (from 18 to 74 years old) according to the new medical examination procedure. Routing means it’s all done in one day.”

The specialist noted that the main freelance specialists in the constituent entities and health departments are responsible for compliance with medical examination deadlines. Access to primary health care is high on the agenda, but significant progress is being made, she said. With reference to a report by experts from the Higher School of Economics, she said that compared to other countries, the availability of medical care in Russia is one of the highest.

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