Patient organizations insist on the development of clinical guidelines in oncohematology

The All-Russian Society of Hematology “Promotion” and the IPM “Movement Against Cancer” appealed to the Ministry of Health with a request to include oncology-hematology in the national oncology program and to quickly develop clinical recommendations for the treatment of these diseases. This was announced by the chairman of the coordination council of the IPM “Movement Against Cancer” Nikolai Dronov at the press conference “The place of oncohematology in the national oncology program: To be or not to be?” September 19.

According to him, oncohematological diseases were not included in the federal project precisely because of the lack of clinical recommendations and standards of medical care in the treatment of blood tumors. Without these documents, it is impossible to calculate the cost of treating patients with leukemia and other blood diseases, which make a significant contribution to the structure of mortality from malignant neoplasms.

“We have all the algorithms for developing clinical recommendations. That is, this is a shortcoming of the professional community, the medical association that was supposed to deal with this, and the Ministry of Health, which did not draw the attention of the chief freelance specialist to the absence of such recommendations. But there is no tragedy here, you just need to admit your mistakes in time and correct them,” he believes.

There must be a clear plan and schedules, for violation of which both professional organizations and the department itself will be held responsible, says the co-chairman of the All-Russian Patients’ Union : “Clinical guidelines now play a serious role legally. They must be prepared within tight deadlines, because otherwise the entire mechanism of state guarantees of free medical care will stall. And most importantly, they provide a vector towards modern technologies, modern treatment methods, thanks to clinical recommendations, in fact, these methods are being implemented. Without them, this process is impossible,” he emphasized.

Previously, President of the Association of Oncology Patients “Hello!”, Member of the Public Council on Access to Medical Care under the Russian Ministry of Health Irina Borovova reported that the patient community demands the development and implementation of legal norms regulating clear deadlines and the obligation to comply with decisions of medical commissions regarding the provision of patients with necessary medications for life-saving indications.

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