The Ministry of Health intends to approve the rules for providing subsidies to regions for the treatment of hepatitis C

The Ministry of Health has developed rules for the distribution of subsidies to regions for measures to combat chronic viral hepatitis C. Changes are being made to the state program “Health Development”.

The Ministry of Health has prepared rules for subsidizing measures to combat chronic viral hepatitis C (CHC) in the regions. The draft government resolution was posted on November 23 on the portal.

The document provides for amendments to the state program “Health Development”. The new annex, if adopted, will come into force on January 1, 2024.

The explanatory note clarifies that the costs of fight against chronic hepatitis C are now funded from several sources:

  • federal budget (including the organization of provision for persons infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, including in combination with hepatitis B and C viruses);
  • budgets of subjects (within the framework of providing medical care in the outpatient setting);
  • budget for compulsory health insurance (providing treatment for chronic hepatitis C in day hospitals and inpatient settings).

Subsidies from the federal center will be be provided within the limits of budgetary obligations communicated to the Ministry of Health, if the subject meets certain criteria. The amount of the subsidy is determined by a special formula. The document does not indicate how much money is planned to be distributed to combat chronic hepatitis C in Russia.

Previously co-chairman of the All-Russian Patients’ Union Yuri Zhulev reported that the organization is concerned about the lack of a separate line of spending on combating hepatitis C in the federal budget for 2024, despite the president’s earlier instruction to “identify sources of additional funding” for the treatment of these patients. There is no information about the execution of this order. According to him, the draft state program “Health Development” for 2024 provides for a federal funding mechanism. But there is no data on how this work will be implemented.

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