CITO Priorov was the first in the world to achieve success in the treatment of combined pathology using spinal cord stimulation

Doctors of the Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after. N.N. Priorova, for the first time in the world, achieved positive results in the use of neuromodulation techniques in the treatment of patients with concomitant pathology: chronic pain syndromes and concomitant diseases, including patients with cardiac arrhythmias. As a result of the impact of electrical impulses on the spinal cord, chronic pain disappeared in the shortest possible time and the heart rhythm was restored in case of chronic intractable arrhythmias.

The first operation was performed on an 80-year-old woman suffering from atrial fibrillation, spinal stenosis, pain syndrome and neuropathic pain. “After test neurostimulation, which showed its effectiveness, the patient was implanted with a permanent neurostimulator under local anesthesia – a small device that generates electrical impulses; the electrodes are connected to the membranes of the spinal cord at the level of the thoracic region. The patient no longer experiences pain, does not suffer from arrhythmia and feels great,” said a neurosurgeon at the Center for Functional Surgery and Treatment of Cerebral Palsy at the TsITO named after. N.N. Priorova . He has already performed 5 implantations in patients with a similar diagnosis.

The first successful experience in treating combined pathology using spinal cord stimulation allows us to expect that for some patients this technique may become the only way to achieve positive clinical results, including in arrhythmology, even in cases where radiofrequency ablation is powerless.

Neurostimulation of the spinal cord can be used for various pain syndromes, movement disorders, consequences of injuries and operations, including complex cardiac interventions, often accompanied by the occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias.

The results obtained expand the possibilities of using neuromodulation in related medical specialties, especially in cardiology and arrhythmology.

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