Russian scientists announced that systolic pressure does not correspond to the norm in 80% of the population

Coronary heart disease, according to the World Health Organization, is the number one cause of death in both high- and low-income countries.

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“The risk of coronary heart disease begins with an unchangeable factor – age,” said senior researcher at the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Aging of the Russian State Scientific Center Alexander Rozanov. – Next come the variable factors – level of education and income level. Everything is interconnected. Something does not suit the patient in life, for example, income, which is why alcohol consumption begins, excess weight appears, and the person may start smoking. Then type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and, ultimately, coronary heart disease come along.”

Drug correction, according to scientists, is not decisive in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is important, first of all, to modify the patient’s lifestyle. Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System, Moscow State Medical University Anton Naumovsaid that even if a patient takes the necessary medications to control high blood pressure, there are still risks that are difficult for the doctor to control.

“The main risks are associated not so much with the work of the healthcare system, but with the patient’s attitude towards himself, towards his health,” he noted. — The patient must understand that 10 minutes of regular physical activity a day is a plus of 25 years of life. Quitting smoking – plus 10 years of life. By taking a drag on a cigarette, we actually “prolong” insulin resistance, sarcopenia, osteopenia, and senile asthenia.”

Tobacco smoke affects not only blood pressure levels, but also the heart muscle itself. Tobacco smoke contains such dangerous ingredients as: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonium, hydrogen cyanide, acetaldehyde, etc. A study of 6-hour exposure to cigarette smoke found significant muscle thinning. In addition, high blood pressure forces the heart to constantly work harder, which actually causes wear and tear on the heart.

Experts agree that smoking-related diseases are primarily caused by chronic exposure to harmful substances produced when tobacco is burned. However, for most patients, smoking is a ritual that they are not ready to give up. Therefore, doctors explain, in such cases it is possible to discuss with the patient the transition to reduced-risk products, such as, for example, heated tobacco systems. Smoking, according to doctors, is a fairly successfully modifiable risk factor. However, the participation of doctors who can correctly convey information to the patient about ways to quit smoking or harm reduction opportunities is important.

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