In terms of the number of donor seizures, Russia has approached European countries

In terms of the number of donor withdrawals, Russia has approached European countries. This was stated by the chief transplantologist of the Ministry of Health, head of the National Medical Research Center for Transplantology and Artificial Organs named after. acad. IN AND. Shumakova Sergei Gauthier on September 24 at a press conference at the Rossiya Segodnya MIA.

He noted that transplantation as a branch of medicine is closely related to the mood and understanding of society and needs education, demonstration of success and administrative resolution of issues.

It was the regulatory changes related to the organization of donation that allowed Moscow to reach the rate of 17.5 donor withdrawals per 1 million population by the end of 2018. “This is not much compared, for example, with Spain, where this figure is 44, or with France (26–27), but more than in Germany (10–11), which recently switched to a presumption of consent (when removing the organs of a deceased there is no need to ask the consent of relatives. Note ed.). Great Britain and the Netherlands are now following this path. And this entails the need for administrative regulation of the donor resource,” the specialist pointed out.

At the same time, he reported that Russia strictly adheres to WHO principles in the development of transplantation, primarily in matters of combating transplant tourism. “I’ll say frankly that now on the territory of the Russian Federation we do not carry out cadaveric transplantation of foreign citizens and, of course, trade in organs, in people as sources of organs. Russia follows all international conventions, and our professional community does not violate these positions,” assured the chief transplantologist.

He noted that this position has earned the respect of foreign colleagues: “Since I am a member of the WHO commission on the prevention of transplant tourism, I can say that our country never speaks in this aspect. I participate in meetings: countries where there are such cases are listed. Our country never sounds among them.”

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