Rosstat has updated the procedure for polyclinics to provide morbidity reports

Rosstat has approved a new procedure for polyclinics to fill out annual reports on population morbidity. Staged deadlines for the provision of statistical and administrative data have been established.

Rosstat has approved a new procedure for filling out federal statistical observation form No. 12, which includes information on the number of diseases registered in patients living in the service area of ​​a medical organization. Clinics must now provide this data to municipalities by January 20 after the reporting period. It must be received by regional ministries of health before February 20, by the Ministry of Health of Russia no later than March 5, and by territorial statistical bodies by March 25. Previously, all basic information was accumulated and sent to the federal level by regional authorities.

Form No. 12 contains reporting on the main types of infectious and non-infectious diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases, mental disorders, poisoning, injuries, as well as statistics on sick people COVID-19.

Medical organizations also collect anonymized information about appealsX citizens with preventiveand goals, including the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling and betting.

Rosstat stopped publishing current data on mortality from coronavirus infection amid a decrease in the number of deaths, MV wrote. Previously, the data was in demand by the media and experts due to the high number of deaths during the peak of the pandemic.

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