The government distributed 30.5 billion rubles to the regions for salaries of medical workers

Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Krasnodar Territory will receive the most money to support healthcare systems in 2023. Additional funding will help maintain the growth rate of healthcare workers’ salaries.

Territorial compulsory health insurance funds of 86 constituent entities will receive almost 30.5 billion rubles. to support health systems. The order on the distribution of this money was published on November 30 on the government website.

The funds will be allocated from the normalized safety stock (NSS) of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (MHIF). Additional funding will help offset the costs associated with providing citizens with free medical care, as well as maintain the growth rate of health workers’ salaries to the level of the May decrees.

Moscow will receive the most money – almost 3.7 billion rubles. Next come the Moscow region (1.5 billion rubles), St. Petersburg (1.25 billion rubles), Krasnodar Territory (1 billion rubles).

Last week, the Ministry of Health developed a mechanism for bringing these funds to medical organizations, MV reported. To this end, it is proposed to supplement tariff agreements with a coefficient for achieving target indicators of the level of wages of medical staff, which will be used when calculating per capita funding standards “for medical organizations in need” when determining the size of tariffs for payment of medical care in inpatient conditions and in day hospitals.

According to Rosstat, the average earnings of Russian doctors for 9 months of 2023 were 106.3 thousand rubles, MV reported. The indicator again lags behind the bar set in the May presidential decree of 200% of the average salary in the country.

At the end of October 2022, the government allocated 58.5 billion rubles. to ensure the indicators of the May decrees on salaries of health workers. Then the money did not come from the National Health Insurance Fund, but directly from the reserve fund of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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