The Institute of Oncology and Neurosurgery has been established at the Meshalkin Center » Medvestnik

Within of the federal project “Fight against Oncological Diseases” the Meshalkin Clinic will expand spectrum of treatment of nosologies and number of operations in the oncology profile. For this purpose, within the framework of the National Medical Research Center named after. acad. E. N. Meshalkin created a special unit – the Institute of Oncology and Neurosurgery. In 2020, he received 125 million rubles. for re-equipment, in the next three years the center will be allocated funds for stage-by-stage technical retrofitting, the press service of the National Medical Research Center reported.

Until now, specialists from three departments – oncology, radiotherapy and neurosurgery – have been providing medical care to patients with cancer at the National Medical Research Center. Every year, about 2 thousand patients with tumors of various locations undergo inpatient treatment at the Meshalkin Center. In 2021, the number of patients is expected to increase by 20%.

“More than half of the patients who come to us for treatment have both cardio- and oncopathology. The Meshalkin Center has experience, unique in domestic practice, in providing high-tech medical care to patients with concomitant and competing diseases, while in most oncology and cardiac surgery clinics they are denied treatment,” said the director of the National Medical Research Center Alexander Chernyavsky.

The institute was headed by a well-known oncologist surgeon in the Novosibirsk region Sergei Krasilnikov. A neurosurgeon has joined the team Sergey Chernov, who previously worked in large federal medical centers. The specialist is proficient in all methods of microsurgical treatment of tumors of the central nervous system.

By the end of the year, expensive medical equipment will be launched here, for the purchase of which the center spent 125 million rubles allocated from the federal budget. This includes a modern digital mammography system, which makes it possible to reduce the radiation dose during the diagnostic procedure several times, and a neuronavigation system used in the microsurgical treatment of tumors of the brain and spinal cord.

Additionally, the Center received 143 million rubles in 2020. to update the fleet of equipment for scientific research. These funds, in particular, were used to purchase Russia’s first system for X-ray irradiation of samples, which is used for conducting experiments with animals and tissues. “It imitates as much as possible the process of treating people with the help of linear accelerators,” the press service of the National Medical Research Center clarified.

The center has submitted an application to the Russian Ministry of Health to replace two linear accelerators in 2021.

“Thanks to the introduction of molecular diagnostic methods into clinical practice, modern courses of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and simultaneous operations, we will provide affordable high-tech medical care to patients in the fields of oncology and neurosurgery.” The routine use of modern medical equipment, in particular an endoscopic complex with 3D visualization, will take these areas in medicine to a new level and create new opportunities for development,” said Sergei Krasilnikov.

With an increase in the number of patients, the bed capacity of the National Medical Research Center will be expanded slightly. “We will increase bed turnover and introduce new minimally invasive interventions,” reported the press service. Access to medical care for patients will become wider, in particular, chemotherapy will be available on an outpatient basis.

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