Salaries of midwives in the largest cities of Russia have increased significantly over the year

On average, a midwife in a private clinic is offered a salary of 50 thousand rubles. Specialist salary cap even with three years of work experience and additional qualifications, in most cities it is limited to 100 thousand rubles.

On average, a midwife in the largest cities of Russia is offered a salary of 50-55 thousand rubles, the SuperJob service found out. The average salary of a specialist is traditionally higher in St. Petersburg (70 thousand rubles) and Moscow (75 thousand rubles).

The starting salary of an obstetrician without work experience in most cities is 30-35 thousand rubles, in Moscow a beginning specialist is offered 50-55 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 45-50 thousand.

The salary maximum in most million-plus cities is limited to a ceiling of 100-110 thousand rubles. This salary assumes that the candidate has at least three years of work experience, skills in providing emergency obstetric care, experience in assisting an obstetrician-gynecologist during medical procedures and minor outpatient operations; among the possible wishes of employers is additional professional education (“Postpartum period: recovery and care “, “Breastfeeding”, etc.). The maximum salary in most cities starts from 55-60 thousand rubles. — thus, experienced specialists are not offered the same amount in the capital as young specialists in Moscow. The maximum salary for an obstetrician in private medical clinics in Moscow reaches 150 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 140 thousand rubles, in Yekaterinburg – 110 thousand rubles.

Over the year, the average and maximum salaries of obstetricians increased significantly: according to a similar SuperJob study in 2022, their average salary in Moscow was 65 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 60 thousand rubles, however, there were million-plus cities with salaries below 40 thousand rubles . Thus, in Samara and Omsk midwives received an average of 37 thousand rubles, and in Volgograd – 36 thousand rubles. (now 50 thousand rubles in all of these cities).

On average, young women (32 years old) without higher education apply for the position of midwife. The majority (76%) were unemployed at the time of posting their resumes.

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