An all-Russian system of donation and transplantation is being formed » Medvestnik

A nationwide system of donation and transplantation and a unified record of donor organs began to take shape in the country. This was stated by the chief transplantologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, head of the National Medical Research Center for Transplantology and Artificial Organs named after. acad. IN AND. Shumakova Sergei Gauthier on September 24 at a press conference at the Rossiya Segodnya MIA.

“We want such a system to develop in the future, although its elements already exist. For example, each case of organ removal on the territory of the Russian Federation is recorded in the appropriate computer program and forms the basis for our reports and statistical reports for the country. It is quite complex, imperfect, but, nevertheless, it exists. And this is already a step towards the formation of an all-Russian system of donation and transplantation,” said the chief transplantologist.

He explained why such a system is needed: “In regions where only kidney transplantation is performed, a diagnosis of brain death may be made. In such cases, we are dealing with a potential multi-organ donor, that is, we can receive not only kidneys, but also a heart and liver. If we have a communications system, we will do this easier than now.”

Contractual communications with regions that offer donor organs still exist today, he noted: “These are, for example, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, where organ retrieval technologies are well developed. And in principle, this should be the case throughout the country. But this is a matter for professionals and health care organizers.”

The specialist complained that there is still no register of organ donors required by Russia: so that either the person himself or his relatives can notify doctors of his consent or disagreement to the posthumous removal procedure.

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