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#BecauseIsayso is an international initiative aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of blood pressure control. Regular monitoring is necessary even in the absence of complaints: only half of people with arterial hypertension (AH) know about their disease.

Arterial hypertension is one of the risk factors complicating the course of COVID-191. Moreover, during the pandemic, the frequency of diagnosis of hypertension has decreased due to limited access to medical facilities.

Arterial hypertension, which affects about 1.2 billion people worldwide, is the most common fatal disease. Every year, about 10 million people die from high blood pressure worldwide.2. It is estimated that by 2025, 29.2% of the global adult population will be diagnosed with this disease, representing 1.56 billion people.3.

In Russia, the prevalence of arterial hypertension (AH) is 44.4% of the total population, that is, 65,170,639 people4and this figure is expected to grow.

“It is extremely important to develop dialogue with the population and pay attention to the early detection of arterial hypertension and risk factors associated with its development commented by Deputy Director General for Scientific Work of the National Medical Research Center named after V. A. Almazov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexandra ConradiThis is especially true now, in the era of a pandemic: cardiovascular diseases are one of the factors that significantly complicate the course of COVID-19. Greater awareness of hypertension helps patients understand the need to take medications timely to control blood pressure. Research and education campaigns such as #becausesodo make a significant contribution to combating the burden of hypertension and improving patient health.”

Arterial hypertension is known as the “silent killer”: despite the fact that this disease is often asymptomatic, it can lead to serious disruptions to the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The goal of the #becauseitmustbe campaign is to attract the attention of patients and their loved ones to this disease: the organizers call for careful attention to the health of parents and loved ones and regularly remind them of the importance of measuring blood pressure.

The #becauseitmustbe campaign was first launched in 2018 as part of the ISH campaign “May – Blood Pressure Month”. In 2019, the initiative was supported in 70 countries around the world and, thanks to publications and messages on social networks, more than 150 million people learned about it.

The 2020 campaign focused on medication adherence and raised awareness of the importance of following your doctor’s recommendations and taking the necessary medications every day to control your blood pressure levels. It received wide coverage (27 million people) and a high level of involvement.

As a partner of the International Society of Arterial Hypertension and with the aim of increasing awareness and patient involvement in the treatment process, Servier has developed an online information platform “If you have a heart”. Both doctors and patients themselves took part in its creation. The main task of the portal is to tell users in an accessible form about the prevention and treatment features of cardiovascular and other related diseases. The portal materials will also be useful to healthcare professionals: with the help of the resource, doctors can increase the level of patient involvement in the therapy process.

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