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More than 300 cases of an unknown disease have been detected in India since Saturday, December 5. Early suggestions about contaminated drinking water as a source of contamination were rejected by local authorities.

An unknown disease has struck at least 300 residents of the city of Eluru in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, The Indian Express reports. Among the sick are several children, some of them as young as four years old.

“We ruled out water or air pollution as a cause after officials visited areas with cases. Water samples were sent for testing, but no contamination was found. Blood samples from patients were also sent to the laboratory. No viral infection was detected. All patients with COVID-19 are negative,” said the state health minister Allah Kali Krishna Srinivas.

According to The Hindu, one of the patients died. According to official information, 170 out of 315 people have already been discharged from hospitals.

Medical experts say patients complained of a burning sensation in their eyes. After this, sudden attacks of vomiting were observed, especially in children. Some of them had seizures or loss of consciousness. Some were in critical condition when admitted to hospital, but are now out of danger.

Additional results of analysis of smears and blood from patients are still awaited. Resident surveys have begun in affected areas to identify previously unidentified cases of the disease and possible contamination of water and food.

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