Servier’s Cardiotheca project won the Best Corporate Media 2021 competition

The online portal for cardiologists and therapists “Cardiotheka”, developed by the pharmaceutical company Servier, was recognized as the winner of the “Best Corporate Media – 2021” award in a special category. The award ceremony took place within the framework of the XVIII Annual International Conference “The Role of Communications and Corporate Media in the Strategic Management of a Company.”

Cardiotheque» is an information resource for cardiologists and therapists, created in 2017 to exchange experiences within the professional community, inform users about industry news and the results of clinical studies. The portal operates on the principle “cardiologists write for cardiologists and therapists.” 3–4 new materials are published weekly on Cardioteka. In total, since the creation of the portal, the materials published on it have been shown to more than 1 million users, the company estimates.

Cardioteka contains various formats of materials: articles, news, event announcements, lectures and webinars, reviews of clinical recommendations and service materials (for example, memos for doctors and patients), as well as interactive materials with analysis of clinical cases. The portal is designed to help doctors navigate global trends in cardiology.

“The Cardioteka portal is a valuable resource for cardiologists and therapists, designed to help them in their daily practice noted the managing director of Servier in Russia . – We create this portal with sincere care for doctors and their patients. We are proud to receive this award, because recognition not only among healthcare professionals, but also among the expert community means that we are moving in the right direction.”

The “Best Corporate Media” competition is designed to create an understanding among Russian companies of the wide possibilities of corporate media for increasing business efficiency, to promote the recognition of corporate media as an effective management tool and to help improve the professionalism of corporate media. The awards ceremony took place as part of the International Conference “The Role of Corporate Communications and the Media in the Strategic Management of a Company.”

Partner material: Servier

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