The President called on oncologists for international cooperation in the fight against cancer

“Severe and dangerous illnesses associated with malignant neoplasms, the spread of cancer – today this is a challenge for all of humanity. And to answer it, to achieve a real breakthrough, broad international cooperation is needed, aimed at exchanging best clinical practices, searching for non-standard measures based on an interdisciplinary approach, integrating the capabilities of nuclear and digital technologies, the latest achievements in the field of biology, chemistry, genetics, and other industries fundamental science,” notes the head of Russia.

The President especially emphasized that Russia is open to such partnerships and that building an advanced, patient-oriented system of oncological care, prevention, timely detection of diseases and their effective treatment is a key direction in the development of domestic healthcare and a priority of state policy.

“This work, of course, requires close interaction and partnership between the medical, scientific and educational communities, government bodies, NGOs, volunteer associations, and the widespread use of advanced Russian and foreign experience,” the appeal says.

The head of Russia also noted that the forum, which brought together professionals from different countries, is becoming traditional and that such meetings are of great practical importance, helping to solve not only medical, but also social, economic, and humanitarian problems.

“I am sure that the forum, held with the support and on the site of such leading domestic specialized institutions as the National Medical Research Center for Radiology and the Moscow Research Oncology Institute named after P.A. Herzen, will serve these goals,” the president said and wished the meeting participants fruitful and meaningful discussions, as well as success in their noble mission.

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