The Center for Medical Radiology of the FMBA began work on clinical testing protocols

The Federal High-Tech Center for Medical Radiology of the FMBA of Russia opened its doors to the first patients on September 20. This deadline was outlined to the President of the country a week ago by the head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Vladimir Uiba.

As the agency’s press service clarifies, 8 people were selected according to a number of medical criteria to undergo proton therapy according to clinical testing protocols approved by the Ministry of Health. Treatment will be given to patients with primary and secondary malignant tumors of the liver, prostate cancer, eye melanoma, and secondary brain cancer.

“Clinical testing will be carried out in compliance with ethical principles, based on voluntary consent and current regulatory requirements,” the message emphasizes. By the end of the year, the center will be able to accommodate 140 patients. In the future, 1,200 patients will undergo proton therapy at the FVTsMR FMBA of Russia annually.

Let us remind you: that September 11, the auditor of the Accounts Chamber Mikhail Men claimed that due to deficiencies identified at the site, the opening of Europe’s largest proton center would be postponed.

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