The expert recalled the important aspects of completing an application to participate in the “Platinum Ounce”

As part of the first stage, projects are also being collected for participation in the application sub-categories of the competition. Until January 26, 2024, companies can submit their own application by filling out the form on the award website. The curator of the competition, assistant to the general director of Rx Code, spoke about what needs to be taken into account when filling out an application. Alexandra Klimkina.

New subnomination

This year the nomination “Project of the Year” has been expanded. To the three traditional sub-categories – “Business project”, “Social project”, “Digital project” – a fourth has been added: “Marketing project / Promotion project”. Projects implemented for better promotion, either creative or stimulating sales to both mass and professional audiences through analogue digital channels, are accepted for consideration.

The rules of the competition also establish that digital media projects and contextual advertising campaigns cannot be entered in the “Digital Project” subcategory. This condition will allow for a clear division of subnominations.

Right on time

All companies planning to submit projects for participation in the sub-category “Project of the Year” are recommended to study the rules on the award website. Particular attention should be paid to implementation deadlines. According to the established rules, only projects launched no earlier than July 1, 2022 or completed in 2023 are accepted for participation in the competition in the “Project of the Year” category.

Don’t spread yourself thin

Talking about typical mistakes when submitting an application, Alexandra Klimkina draws attention to the fact that companies often try to submit one project in several sub-categories. It is recommended to assign the project to only one sub-nomination or, if there is doubt about the choice, not to indicate it. When studying the application, the award organizing committee will select the project in one of the nominations.

It is important not to miss anything in the description by filling out all the points of the application form: brief and more complete description, deadlines, effectiveness, etc. This will help experts get a complete understanding of the project and make an informed decision when voting.

In a brief description, it is important to convey its essence concisely, in 1-2 sentences. In a more detailed one, you can reveal the details.

“If the description is not enough to evaluate the project, presentations or other materials are required, we are ready to accept them in any convenient format. The company can send them by email, on hard copy, or in printed form. The materials will be provided to members of the organizing committee for review, and if the project moves to the second stage of the competition, the expert jury will also be able to familiarize themselves with them as part of the study of applications,” explained Alexandra Klimkina.

You can apply for participation in the competition on the award website.

There you can also ask questions about participation, preparation and submission of applications.

Nominations and subnominations of the “Platinum Ounce” based on the results of 2023:

Vector of the Year
Project of the year (based on application)

  • Business project
  • Social project
  • Digital project
  • Marketing Project/Promotion Project

Dynamics of the year

  • Company (supplies to the commercial sector)
  • Company (supplies to the public sector)
  • Drug (public sector)
  • Drug (retail segment)

Launch of the year

  • Government sector
  • Commercial sector

Drug of the Year

  • Prescription drug
  • Over-the-counter drug

Company of the Year
Drug manufacturer

  • Largest producers
  • Niche and specialty manufacturers

Drug distributor


Pharmacy Chain of the Year

  • Federal Pharmacy Network
  • Regional pharmacy chain

Manager of the Year

  • Senior Manager
  • Functional Manager

Deal of the year

The organizing committee also reserves the right to introduce special nominations, which will be announced later.

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