Coffee did not affect the absorption of levothyroxine » Medvestnik

Drinking coffee immediately after taking levothyroxine sodium oral solution did not affect the absorption of the drug and did not lead to drug interactions.

The results of a new study on the effect of coffee on the absorption of levothyroxine sodium oral solution (100 mg/5 ml) were presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrinology Society in Atlanta, ENDO 2022.

Drinking coffee 5 minutes after taking the hormone did not affect the absorption of oral levothyroxine sodium solution. For now, it is recommended to take levothyroxine 30-60 minutes before coffee to avoid interaction.

The researchers assessed the absorption profile of an oral solution of levothyroxine taken after coffee and on an empty stomach. 40 people took part in the study.

A single oral dose of liquid levothyroxine (LT4) 600 mcg was administered 5 minutes before subjects drank 8 ounces of American coffee (without milk or sweeteners) or on an empty stomach. Within 48 hours of each dose, blood samples were taken to assess hormone levels, after which a 40-day break was taken between study periods.

Although drug labels and treatment guidelines advise patients to take hormone replacement therapy drugs on an empty stomach, the study shows that coffee consumption does not affect the absorption of liquid levothyroxine. This provides potentially more flexibility in dosing, the researchers conclude.

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