Two nurses from Rostov were convicted of working as doctors using false diplomas

In the Rostov region, nurses who worked as doctors using purchased diplomas were convicted. One of them accepted patients with cancer.

A court in the Rostov region sentenced two nurses from the Dubovskaya hospital who received positions as ophthalmologist and oncologist using fake diplomas. Yulia Alexandrova And Natalia Umieva They were found guilty and sentenced to six months of restriction of freedom, the joint press service of the regional courts said.

Umieva and Aleksandrova will not be able to travel outside the Dubovsky district without special permission. The court temporarily prohibited them from changing their place of residence and ordered them to report to the supervisory authority every month.

The local publication writes that both women were hired at the hospital in January 2023. For several months, Umieva saw patients as an oncologist, and Alexandrova as an ophthalmologist. Colleagues and village residents claimed that health workers made mistakes, and the head doctor knew about the real education of women. Nevertheless, pThe hospital management was not held accountable.

Even after the initiation of the case, one of the defendants, Yulia Alexandrova, continued to see patients as an ophthalmologist. She said she bought the degree because she “wanted to save people.”

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