In the Belgorod region, the IT system of the Ministry of Health and state hospitals failed

The governor of the Belgorod region reported a technical failure in the information system of state medical institutions and the regional Ministry of Health. For now, residents can call a doctor at home by calling 122.

The information system and services that support the work of the Ministry of Health of the Belgorod Region and its subordinate organizations failed as a result of a technical accident, the governor reported Vyacheslav Gladkov. For now, residents of the region can call a doctor at home or make an appointment with a specialist by calling “122” or by contacting the reception desk of the required medical institution in person.

“Yesterday at 21:56, the only data storage system in use, located in the data center of the Ministry of Health of the Belgorod Region, failed,” Gladkov said. According to him, on December 20, the services of electronic personnel document management and an automated emergency medical care system have already been fully restored, and work on restoring the service for dispensing preferential medications is being completed.

By the end of the day, we plan to restore the service of calling a doctor at home and making an appointment with a doctor in an automated mode, including using electronic registration portals and government services. By the end of the day on December 21, it is planned to fully restore the functionality of the medical information system and return to planned work.

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